Year of the Flagon (2011​-​2014)

by Androgynous Banana



One year I began to write an end-of-the-year piece; every year after that I would write an end-of-the-year piece modeled structurally after the previous end-of-the-year piece, which at first was really just another piece written at the end of one year. I've finally decided to upload them after 2015 turned out to be my barren year.

Exported into .wav straight from MIDI: no mixing.

Note: Beginnings are clipped, many of the cymbals became staccato and some resolution inevitably lost through my engineering primitiveness.


I like it. I like how you are able to hear each note crystal clear, and be able to mentally map out the relations of every tone and timbre as you listen to a track. Don't get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for the musicians and producers who supply the soundtracks to our movies and canons, but I still prefer to write and listen in MIDI. These end-of-the-year pieces I've been hesitant to put up until now, as I have never been comfortable with the way these turned out on fancier sound fonts.

Disclaimer: As a hobbyist, I use 'MIDI' to refer to the default sound fonts that come along with many computers.


released March 13, 2016

Androgynous Banana



all rights reserved
Track Name: El-Lew-Thic (2011)
" alembic for these thoughts,
like a liver for your spirits."
- Farah Hajar
Track Name: Long Yen Short Peso Marx Cracks a Smile (2012)
Hanaze, shiteimasu (Why am I?)
Anata no nishi naide kudasai (Please do not be..)
(The) search for these years is in vain.
(Shite kudasai) x 2 (Please be [exist])
I live in a golden age to achieve.

Why am I here?
Please, don't be (vocative)
The search for these years is in vain.
Please, be (vocative)
In this gilded age of attainment I live (or continue to...) [though I live for atonement]

Lyrics translated from an anonymous Japanese tanka from the 21st century.
Track Name: Cuntlipssmallbitchtits (Intro)
I wrote a bunch of pieces based on the concept of Guernica and Nanjing, which ended up as the Cuntlipssmallbitchtits--Arab Autumns--Sagacious Skylark--Omniglot Octorok--G Iwato vs. Little Mac EP.
Track Name: Arab Autumns
What have I to say, that
isn't already writ upon epitaphs
of the oeurves, of Rilke,
sounds a thousand times sweeter
of Ionescu, of Pessoa
furies a hundred times more biting
but a death of my own, only
to contribute?

An ode to my influences.
Track Name: Sagacious Skylark
(Names of the sections in the song) This pitiful extension we hold so dear.. Vital termination, an end of its means.. Spite a contemporary, worship ancient decay.. vainglory hurdles men over themselves! What is left of me but a stem.. Detached from reality, attached to probes--sanity pickled in a vat.. Seriatim shocks sent down a spine..A corporeal non-existence called into play.. Abicere.. These fingers I realize I never really had these limbs I realize..
Track Name: Omniglot Octorok
Our conversations
into trees condense
Caught in branch, meanings
Track Name: G Iwato vs. Little Mac Pt. I (2013)
The sections in this part (channeling some Coleridge, Chisholm and Aurelius): There's No Changing the Sublunary World.. Hospice Tryst feat. Jadakiss (not really), Ouros' Burros, Soft Determinism, 'Twas the Primeval Nebula that Penned the Lines and Soliloquy of Laertes and Hamlet, Grievous Circle, Uneven Distribution, Knowledge is Impossible, We are only Mud, Blood and Bones, F Frigid Maggiore, F# Enki, Charlie Chan & "Nigger" Innis, Samba, Simba, Sambo, Segmentarius Opthialcus, Judith Beheading Holofernes, ..(She) Died Boarding a Vessel, and Mellifluent Dialect, the Orient's Lygros.
Track Name: G Iwato vs. Little Mac Pt. II (2013)
The sections in this part: Cast Sails, Bricks, a Semblance to the Keep, Twin Dragons as Metaphor for Erection Holding, The Strang(l)er [not] by Albert Camus (not Pierre Menard), Canaan in D Minor, Lamech the Banaanite, The Plagiariser (not) by Albert Camus, In Contempt of the Sublime in Aesthetics, Pitch and Rests on a Staff, Exultation of the Spirit, Werther's Irony Bars a Virtuous State, and Milking a Catamite.
Track Name: G Iwato vs. Little Mac Pt. III (2013)
The sections in this part (channeling some Chaucer): Intermission, Prince Asaka, Ashes of Resurrection, Palamonian Reductionism, Sartrean "Gaze," Haitian Vacation Pro Rata, Mt. Jehuda, Arcitean Solipsism in Furtive Glances, Diallelus Ion Episteme, The World's First Interracial Spacial Glacial Facial (variation on the 2012 piece's ending), and Madrid's Great Bear Hibernates (variation on the 2011 piece's ending).
Track Name: Dance of the Circuit Beaver (2014)
The sections are as follows: She Died Boarding a Vessel in E Jewish, F# Spanish 8-Tone Russian Dance, Dissonant, Bedouin-Trek, Dance for Ravishing Mauritian Natives, Movement II, Movement III, Movement III Pt. II, Via Aurelia, Finale of the Dance for Ravishing Mauritian Natives.